Welcome to the Sycamore Square Shopping Center website. This shopping center and the surrounding Midlothian area are steeped in history dating back to the mid-1700's.

The Midlothian area is the site of the first coalmines in Virginia, and was largely controlled by the wealthy Wooldridge family. Circa mid-1700's, two Wooldridge brothers built this house and called it "Midlothian." The brothers came to this country from Scotland; one from the town of East Lothian, the other from West Lothian. They compromised on the name, thus calling it "Midlothian". The name was also given to the mines the family owned, and later to the town which grew around the property.

"Midlothian" was the private residence of Abraham S. Wooldridge, who served as a major during the "War of 1812." His reputation for hospitality was so widely regarded, drivers using the Lynchburg-Richmond stagecoach used the home as a refreshment stop for their passengers.

The most famous resident of the house was Colonel William Wooldridge, a Civil War hero who fought with Jeb Stuart's cavalry.

The property was inherited by the Wooldridge's Hancock descendants, Dr. Jefferson Hancock practiced medicine in a small building behind the house, beginning somewhat of a legacy of physicians in the area. In 1893, Dr. John Bowler Fisher began his practice in the office previously used by Dr. Hancock. Dr. Fisher married Ann Elizabeth Jewett. Dr. "Willie" Morrissette, son of Margaret Jewett Fisher and step-son of Dr. Fisher, was born here in 1919. Dr. Morrissette's practice, now called "Midlothian Family Practice," is one of the largest in the area, housing several physicians, including son Dr. "Phillip" Morrissette.

In 1875, the property was purchased by John J. Jewett and his wife, Mary Ann Jones. Their six children were born here. They ran a popular boarding house and renamed the property "The Sycamores" because of the abundance of sycamore trees in the vicinity.

The Jewett family owned the property for one hundred years.

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